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Felicetti Pasta

For more than 100 years, the Felicetti family has been making pasta at the foot of the Dolomites. Boasting the cleanest air and water in Europe, this pristine location is key to the family’s extraordinary product that delivers perfect al dente for any sauce. 

Working with organic farmers throughout Italy who have partnered with them for generations, Felicetti uses 100% Organic Durum Wheat, freshly milled into semolina flour, and put into production within 24 hours.

Felicetti marries artisanal techniques (bronze die-cut) with state-of-the-art clean technology. They generate 90% of their own electricity and are committed to making the lowest environmental impact possible.

single grain organic

Pastas for Foodies &

A single type of organic heritage wheat. A single mill that grinds it into flour. A single goal: the pursuit of quality.


Monograno Matt

A rich variety of durum wheat grown in Puglia that when cooked gives off the aroma of summertime hay and tastes of stone-baked bread.


Monograno Kamut

The Khorosan variety of durum wheat is an ancient grain that dates back several thousand years and when cooked releases a gentle fragrance of white flowers & pine nuts.


Monograno Farro

Another ancient grain favored by Celts, Egyptians, and Etruscans, Farro when cooked releases a delicate fragrance of mace, fresh hazelnut, eggplant, crispy bread, and peanut butter with a light finish of jujube berries.

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Every Day

100% Italian Organic Durum Wheat combined with the most pristine air & water in Italy.



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