We’re opening a new Felicetti Pasta facility and, of course, we will bring our commitment to the
environment, sustainability, supporting the local economy and, most importantly, making the best
organic pastas to our second home.

In our 110th year, demand for Felicetti Pasta has outgrown the capacity of our history production facility
at Predazzo despite renovations over the years. The plant produces 20 million kilos of pasta a year in
more than 200 different shapes and can do no more, so we are growing and opening a second facility in
Castello Molina di Fiemme in Trentino.

The new 16,200 square-meter building, which will house two new production lines, will create 30 new
jobs and double our current pasta production. We will follow our guiding philosophy of valuing all living
creatures and the environment—a principle that directly relates to our priority of making delicious, high
quality pastas. The new facility will use alternative energy sources including a next generation
photovoltaic system, which helps meet the energy requirements for our drying process while, at the
same time, protecting the environment.

Our product and process will not change. Our commitment to the finest ingredients and responsible,
organic farming methods in our partnership with our local farmers who supply our ingredients remains
no matter where the pasta is made.

The new facility rises up in the beautiful Val di Fiemme, one of the main valleys of the Dolomites, on the edge of the beautiful, small village that will now be our second home.

The environmental impact is considered at every phase of the design, construction and operation of the new plant where we will continue to prioritize consumer safety and a healthy, certified organic product for everyone to enjoy.